jochen rausch



Jochen Rausch: Restlicht („Rest of light“) Novel – approx. 288 pages
Without a word, without announcement, she was gone. Astrid was Peter’s first girlfriend. After several
months of futile search, he finally runs away from the oppressing town near the German-German
border, away from his middle-class family, to America where he calls himself Bloom. Only when his
father is dying, he reluctantly returns after over 30 years’ absence. And the ridiculous hope that he will
find Astrid is still somewhere in the back of his head.
At first sight, not much has changed in the town. But then, the skeleton of a girl is found in the exact
place of the former border installations. Assumed year of death: summer 1975 - the last summer with
Astrid. Bloom believes that these are her remains. But the police finds out a young hitchhiker from
Norway is the victim. Bloom remembers her - there is an old photo of the Norwegian, with Astrid and
the boys of the band. He starts to investigate – and makes himself suspicious, especially since he is
unwilling to share his speculations with the police. Step by step, he approaches the secret. Peter
suspects what has happened, since he was not the only one who could not forget Astrid.
Jochen Rausch’s first novel is a disquieting read. The author tells about a first great love which never
ended because it was finished to abruptly. A story about past desires and dreams, a novel about
people who have gone away and about those they left behind.